Beaufort Kratom's Helping Hearts

Due to the compassion and generosity of our customers, we are able to offer a special program for those in need. 

Each heart represents a discount, or a free small bag of our kratom. The hearts are limited to one per customer every 3 months. The hearts are based solely on donations from our awesome kratom community. 




Thank you for your contributions!

Only one heart per customer every 3 months

Each heart cannot be redeemed for more than one small bag. 

You cannot redeem a heart as a part of a purchase

Please save hearts for those who have real need. 

Beaufort Kratom Staff reserve the right to deny anyone a heart based on their judgement. 


If you are in need of a little help, come in to the shop and grab one off of the wall and redeem in the shop. 

If you would like to leave a heart, ask one of our staff to add it to your bill. 


If you would like to redeem a heart online, you will need to call the office at 843-812-5631 to redeem a heart. 

The hearts do not include shipping, so the customer that redeems the heart will be responsible for the shipping cost.

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The Kratom for sale on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for human consumption. 

If you are unsatisfied with your kratom, we will provide a refund as long as more than 85% of the product is remaining. Alternatively, we can exchange your full bag for a different strain if most of the product is present or the bag is unopened. Exchanges with less than 75% will be exchanged for the weight that is present.