Do you know where your kratom is grown?

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We wanted to guarantee the quality of product that we were providing, so we tried numerous vendors until we found the one that met our standards of quality as well as cleanliness. 

A problem we encountered repeatedly when dealing with these vendors was their drying process. Many vendors will dry their kratom outdoors in the sun. This was a problem for us because there was nothing preventing vermin from contaminating the kratom. 

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Mike's Mission

After much searching, we found a farm that was willing to comply with our standards. This farm is fully equipped with large clean rooms suitable for indoor drying (shown right and below).  To ensure that this new method of drying was being maintained, Mike's good buddy agreed to oversee the operation overseas near the farm, where he met his wife and now lives happily with their two children. 

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Why Does it Matter?


Shown to the left is an example of what an outdoor drying process may look like. These leaves are dried on the ground, but some are dried on tables outdoor as well. As you can see, there is nothing preventing disease carrying vermin such as mice, insects, and birds from contaminating these leaves. These leaves will be crushed into powder and sold as is. The harmful rays from the sun also degrade the alkaloids that are responsible for kratom's effects. At Beaufort Kratom, quality is our first priority. To ensure the quality of our products, we test everything we receive for heavy metals, adulterants, and biological contaminants (salmonella, E.Coli, and coliforms).